Thursday, October 22

Oh, pumpkin, you're so wonderful

I have a sickness this Halloween season, and it's called Wanting Too Many Pumpkins. We currently have five pumpkins downstairs. Sydney and I have decorated two in those awesome Target decoration packs, so one is a bat and one is a bumblebee. They are large and awesome. We have three more smaller pumpkins, upon which I will paint jack o'lantern faces tomorrow so they can sit outside, and not rot in the weather, and also not be scary.
But then Brian said tonight, "We don't have any jack o'lantern to light a candle in or anything." And I thought, he's totally right, we actually haven't done that in years, and we need more pumpkins to make legitimate jack o'lanterns. Luckily for us, our local grocery store is selling the perfect-sized pumpkins for such shenanigans for only $5, and I will go get a couple tomorrow. We will carve one and put a real candle in it, and set it in the living room for true-life Halloween pumpkin atmosphere.
I'm stupid excited about this new plan. And it also means that this Halloween will have our family purchasing seven seasonal pumpkins. (Let's not discuss all the decor pumpkins I'll get for my Thanksgiving centerpiece, okay?) So here I am, on the raggedy edge, and ready to buy more vegetables for decoration and seasonal enjoyment. Bring it on, pumpkins.

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