Saturday, October 10

Music, worms and apples

I got sucked into an iTunes wormhole tonight, and all of a sudden, it's 1 a.m.
But, in the end, Sydney's phone is all backed up and her music is right. And I've managed to clean out my iTunes library a bit, though there is certainly more that can be scrapped. And I've attached correct artwork to a bunch of unadorned albums in the library, too. So, there is still work to do, but I'm feeling like I got at least a dent in it.
Speaking of Apple and AT&T (kinda), Brian was able to engage the wi-fi calling on his phone today. We searched my settings, and I was not given the option. He's concluded that it's because I continue to use an iPhone 5. And now, he is determined that I will get a new phone, because then I will have phone reception everywhere in my house. This isn't a bad idea. Obviously, it'll be better all the way around if I have reception throughout my home. But I really, really, really don't want a bigger phone. The iPhone 5 is an ideal size. The iPhone 6S is too big for pockets, bra cups and the like (because it would definitely be a 6S, a newer model than the 6 Plus that Brian has). So we're ... not really arguing, but having fitful discussions about it. Ugh. Yes, yes, first world problems. But a problem, nonetheless.

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