Friday, October 2

I need more music in my life

I'm posting from bed tonight, on my phone, because I didn't want to open up the computer and expose myself to all the germs Sydney's been coughing on it all afternoon.
It's actually quite nice right now. No television, just typing away, with the previews for Seth Macfarlane's new jazz album playing in the background. (I think I may have to pick this little gem up from the iTunes store later next week. Well, this one and the Leon Bridges CD, too.)
Actually, I'm currently suffering from music neediness. I've got three empty spots in my car's CD changer, and I've got the twitches because of it. I like the idea of having something jazzier in the car, but I may end up filling the spots with Tragic Kingdom or Songs About Jane, just to show Syd what the Voice coaches used to sound like. But really, I'd prefer something new. Of course. I'm hunting.
I should spend more time on iTunes to see what all they've got there. Time to broaden the Jetta's musical horizons.

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