Saturday, October 24

I got my other pumpkin, and he's cute

Here's my pumpkin.
I call him "my" pumpkin because I was the one who wanted him. Sydney helped clean him out, and Brian perfected the inside, but I did all the carving. Sydney drew out the plan for the face, and I have to say, this seems to be a good way for us to divide our responsibilities for the pumpkin. My inability to do anything symmetrically is the reason behind the awesome kicky smirk on the Jack. Something new I'm trying is the tilting of the pumpkin top, to let out some of the heat, ensuring there's no singeing of the top while the candle burns. I decided on using real votive candles this year, since I've got that great package of 100 tealights from Ikea, and I'm excited with how the finished product looks. He sits on the TV stand, so we can keep a close eye on the open flame in the home.
But I'm crushing on him, for sure. He's adorable, isn't he?

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