Friday, October 30

Candy, candy, candy starts with C

If you can believe it, we don't have enough candy to get through our day and night tomorrow. We've got some more Sweet Tarts, and some Smarties, but nothing of any consequence (read: nothing I like), or that's worthy of giving out to the kiddos. On the upside of this dilemma is the fact that all the candy at Target will be on sale. Bags and bags of delicious good stuff at 50 percent (I assume) off to whoever's still buying. Inexplicably, and happily, that is my kid and I. What's on the list? Well, I haven't eaten any Twix yet this month, nor any Snickers. This is bad of me. My Gramps would be very unhappy with the lack of Snickers. Sydney will want more Nerds. Brian will eat whatever I get him, and he'll be grateful for it, because he ate my last two Reese's peanut butter cups like a meanie.
I've been told that we're to dress in our witch costumes for the day, as well. I'm actually kinda excited to do that. But first and foremost, we need candy.

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