Monday, October 19

An ITEM! for every day I've been gone

ITEM!: My daughter loves me so much that she wants to share her illnesses with me, and I'm super excited to tell you that she has, indeed, given me her cold. I've been coughing lately, and am just minimally sniffy; but I am definitely fatigued, as well as irritated at my sub-par immune system.
ITEM!: The wonderful movie, Jupiter Ascending, was shown on the premium movie channel this past weekend, and it's been broadcast repeatedly over the last couple days. And I've watched it as often as I can. I don't know why I like this movie so much. I mean, it's really pretty bad. There's something cheesy about it that draws me in though, and I'll just continue to fall prey to it, so long as my immune system is fighting the good fight elsewhere.
ITEM!: I think Brian and I will be breaking up with Minority Report tonight. Every week, the same thing: weird Dash has some kind of incident, he makes that uncomfortable face, and Vega, whose boobs are constantly propped and in frame, uses her fancy technology to fix it. Also, there's a plot, and the brother and sister are skeptical. We're four weeks in, I think, and we're about done.
Now, as for Blindspot, we are all in. That show is ridiculous with a capital tattoo. No kidding, I'm hate watching that one, because the plot holes are insane, the plot line is inexplicable, and the camera close ups are prominent. I'm fairly certain that a story thread is in there, but I'm at a loss for taking it seriously. I giggle through that show, you guys. It's amazing.
ITEM!: Also, atop my priority list lately has been my iTunes. I've gone through it twice, making sure that I like, and am interested in listening to, all the music on my computer. You remember, space is an issue on this little machine, and I need to open up as much as I can. Granted, I know music doesn't take up much space on a hard drive at all, but every little bit helps. I've also added some more music to my phone, so there's a lot more awesome stuff to listen to on any given day.
ITEM!: I think the weather is finally breaking here, and the worst of the summer heat is over. It hasn't been cool, by any means, but it also has not been uncomfortable. My air conditioner is going only in the afternoons; huzzah! But it's still going, which is frustrating, but my windows are open, so that's enough to tide me over until fall officially arrives.
ITEM!: This is going to sound weird, but I think I may be allergic to mosquitoes. Honestly, I feel like, lately, my reactions to the bites and stings I'm getting are a bit worse than what normal people deal with. They get red, which is normal, but they also tend to swell up, and get more inflamed for a couple days. These two on my legs have manifested into large, swollen mountains, with diameters of about two inches. Is that right? It doesn't seem right. And it's not just these guys. It happens all the time, and I'm really beginning to wonder if there are darker forces at work here.
ITEM!: I have a job interview on Wednesday.

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