Tuesday, February 3

Yummy food stuffs on the horizon

I am, right now, so excited for a new restaurant that's opening soon in my area.
Confession: I've gotten super bored with Chipotle, and wish that Qdoba was closer to me. I am dying for a decent and quick taco salad, and there's nothing near me that fits the bill. (I just did a search, and discovered that there actually is a Qdoba not too far from me. LUNCH PLAN FOR THURSDAY.) There's a restaurant near Mom's house that is super delicioso, and I'm jealous that she gets to eat there regularly. Who knew that when living in Arizona, I would still be yearning for quick, fast Mexican food?
[Editor's note: In my head, there is a difference between a Mexican restaurant, and the faster kind of restaurant that I'm talking about. When given the choice, I'll always go for Julio's, or for that place on the other side of the freeway. But that's not the kind of place I need.]
The place is called Cafe Rio, and it looks like it's just what the doctor ordered. Yummy tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and yes, taco salads in a shell. I can't wait to try this place.

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