Saturday, February 14

I (heart) new opportunities

It was a lovely, if quietly boring, Valentine's Day in the G. household.
There was a peppermint mocha on my nightstand when I woke up, which really, is my only requirement on this day. Brian and I ate cupcakes for breakfast. I spent my morning chatting up the parents, both mine and Brian's. We went to Chili's for lunch because we had a gift card from Christmas. Sydney tasted the southwestern eggrolls and had a couple bites of one, so that's a holiday win. We watched Ghost Adventures most of the afternoon, and finally ended up playing Lego Marvel's Super Heroes again. Once the kiddo went to bed, Brian and I watched a bunch of Brain Games and this week's Bill Maher. I'm now upstairs, tired, and ready for bed.
Like I said, a quietly boring day.
What I'm preoccupied by is the job I applied for on Friday, and how much I hope that it turns into something. it's a new job in an entirely different industry, and it's entry level, and I feel like I'd be super good at it. I have a friend who works at the company, and he attached his name to my application as a referral, which may guarantee me an interview. I can't begin to tell you how much I want this job. It's totally time to learn something new. I've realized lately that perhaps I need a more ... practical ... career choice. Journalism, editing and writing just aren't cutting it for me, and I really want to contribute to society (in a workplace) again. I feel like my penchant for detail and accuracy in reporting will benefit me a whole lot in this job, so that's the hook. It's kinda crazy how much I'm hoping this thing will work out for me. I won't know anything until they call me, of course, but I'm on pins and needles.

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