Monday, February 9

Dog stuff, but then farts, and maybe cupcakes?

ITEM!: I'm being slowly and methodically tortured all day today. That torture? Thy name is Cooper farts. I have no idea what the creature has eaten, or what he got into, but the result of it has been killing me all day. They're all silent, but then I'm all, YIKES. My nose is under attack. My eyes start to water. My skin is kinda tingly, and I can feel the gaseous cloud waft across my face. And it's gross.
ITEM!: Oliver's got an icky mole that's growing on his knee. It's getting bigger. It hasn't bothered him, but now that he's got his haircut and he can see it, he is inexplicably suddenly bugged by it. So, he's started licking at it. I've put a cotton round and some sticky ace bandage on his leg, but he really doesn't like that, so he's without it again. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and find out how much it would cost to have the mole removed. It's the only one that's big enough to bother him, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to have it taken care of easily and quickly. Lovely.
ITEM!: Ohmygod, Cooper just farted again. I'm seriously under some kind of shock and awe campaign. Someone, help me.
ITEM!: It's February, and that means it's time for chocolate, chocolate chip with raspberry frosting cupcakes at Sprinkles. You'll remember that these are the only cupcakes that I really like at Sprinkles, and in fact, they're the only ones I buy from the store. Sprinkles gets all the money it gets from me in February. And you know, since I'm heading to the mall tomorrow to get my new glasses, I might as well try one, to see if they still taste good. I'll update you in tomorrow night's post.

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