Wednesday, February 4

But it'll be so worth it

ITEM!: I'm going to be sure to hike the trail tomorrow morning so I can go eat a taco salad at Qdoba with no guilt or bad feelings about it at all. I've been fantasizing about it since last night, and my yearning will not be abated until it's been satisfied. ... Just checked the nutrition information on my customized salad, and I'm doing my entire walk just to be able to eat the tortilla bowl. No kidding. It adds 300 calories to my lunch. This is offensive, but not bad enough to make me not eat there tomorrow.
ITEM!: Oliver rode in the car with me this morning to take Sydney to school. Having arrived home, I closed the garage door before letting him out of the car, but then set him down so he could make his way into the house. He was leading me toward the back of the car and, rather than turn left in the darker corner, he bumped his nose into the door. The vet said that his cataracts would affect him more in the dark, but this is the first time that I've seen actual evidence of him losing any kind of sight. And it has shaken me. I'm not a fan of this, at all.
ITEM!: I had a weird dream early this morning wherein I led my friends in a counter-attack against an army that had invaded our shores with the purpose of kidnapping all the women and then making us wear burkas. I had tee-ball bats hidden throughout this township area, so we could make our way from place to place, arming ourselves with random weapons and bats. I beat several people who were a threat to us. Honestly, when I woke up this morning, my body was exhausted. I felt achy and stressed and tired, as if I actually had been running around town beating people to death with a bat. It was, obviously, a very vivid dream, and I'd rather not have it again (although it was totally cool being so badass), so I'm a bit nervous about going to sleep tonight.
ITEM!: Brian decided to make those no-bake cookies that I think are icky tonight. They consist of chocolate (good), peanut butter (good, but not mixed in with chocolate), and oatmeal (only good with raisins in a cookie). I was in the kitchen for the very beginnings of the recipe, which means I was able to enjoy the melted chocolate prior to the peanut butter and oatmeal getting mixed in. And ohmygoodness, that chocolate was delicious. He totally ruins those cookies with the rest of the ingredients. I could have easily, and happily, sat on a chair, with a bowl of that melted chocolate in my lap, and eaten it for dinner.

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