Thursday, February 26

A single jellyfish in a swarm of jellyfish

I've been super eager to hear anything about the job I applied to that had nothing to do with any of my previous experience. I checked the company web site a couple days ago, and the job was still posted, so I knew that it was at least still available. This afternoon, Aaron texted me the referral status (since he works there, he added his name to my application as a referral), and it said that they were currently considering my application. I don't need to tell you again how much I've realized I want this job. I would be most excited and eager to meet them, should they call. And I hope they do.
Sydney had her first eye exam this afternoon, and it turns out that she does need glasses. She's having trouble with seeing the smartboard at school, and these will help with that. She doesn't need them for reading or using the phone or computer, so these are, essentially, classroom glasses. On a positive note, she's super excited to have and wear them. She picked out exactly what she wanted, and is over the moon with them, and also is pouting because it'll take some days to get them.
I ate too many flautas today for lunch. They were delicious, which is what made me think I could stomach the last one, but really, I filled up too much. To the point where I didn't eat anything all afternoon, and could only force a croissant down for dinner. They were good, but I'll definitely practice more restraint in the future.
Yes, there were llamas on the loose in Phoenix today. Yes, they were entertaining.
Syd and I were bummed to not have an episode of The Voice to watch today. It made us very sad, and we are now impatiently waiting for next week.
Dude. You company. Call me so I can wow you with my awesomeness, and you can then give me a job.

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