Friday, May 2

Twice a day, for several days

Since I have athlete's foot, I am, therefore, an athlete. I also currently own a spray can of Tinactin. I did my first foot cleaning, drying and medicinal spraying IN THE TARGET PARKING LOT this morning, right after buying the spray.
Did you know that after spraying Tinactin on your toes, white powder spray residue leaves an outline of your toes on the bottoms of your black (not-Sanuk) flip flops? Well, let me be the one to tell you something: IT DOES.
A nifty side effect? Paranoia about where the feet are. I couldn't put my feet anywhere and be comfortable with them. I had issues with spray residue that I have seen being left on the sofa, on the coffee table, or even on the floor.
And now that I know what the problem is, and probably because I'm treating it now, my toes are really bothering me. They aren't necessarily itching, as I've read they would be, but they are certainly making themselves known. They're like, kinda throbbing. Is that normal?
My issues are paramount, and I can't wait for this ridiculousness to be over.

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