Sunday, May 18

To check the farm, or not to check the farm

Something randomly interesting: I haven't played or tended to my farm on FarmVille in months. I haven't even clicked onto it in a whole lot of weeks. I find myself wondering if FarmVille will delete a farm, or player's progress on several farms, after a specific amount of time untended. That only bothers me because of the history and effort involved with those different farms. I mean, I've put a lot of time and effort into those ridiculously well-crafted and perfectly organized farming institutions.
I'm actually kind of nervous about clicking on the farms. What if they are gone? What if they're not? Do I really want to know either way? The farm is obsessive. I do not want to get sucked in again. I've pretty much accepted that I'm over it. But am I? Like really?

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