Sunday, May 4

Little black bugs, and not the cute kind

As of yesterday's post, I'm sure you're all, "Ew. That house is all infested with caterpillars that her dog likes to eat." And as of yesterday (aside from last year's scorpion debacle), I would agree that the caterpillars are pretty much the grossest things to have moving and grooving around in the house. But oh my god, the ick of today. Honestly, I'm so over these stories that tend to one up each other.
We've had issue with some little black bugs flying around inside the house. They seemed super similar to the random little black bugs that can invade your home when you bring in a new house plant from The Home Depot, so I took all my downstairs plants outside and sprayed them down with insecticidal soap. But then, after doing all that, I still was beset with the little fuckers flying around me on the sofa. In fact, I killed three of them within my personal space in only a couple minutes. We vacuumed out the sofa, and I was repulsed with the amount of pita chip crumbs under the cushions (thanks, Sydney).
Then, then, then, the trash can needed to be emptied. I pulled out the trash bag, and in so doing, about a trillion of these bugs flew up and around me. I immediately freaked out, but then my curiosity got the better of me. First order of business: pull that gross trash bag out of the house. Second, I spin and turn the bag so I can check out the contents. This was icky, but in my investigations, I discovered that the last of the strawberries, and the cantaloupe rinds, seemed to attract them.
Brian's guess is that the dudes hatched from the fruit. I am disgusted by that hypothesis, so refuse to think about it too much. Still, I like that we have a viable theory. But what else we have is the last few of the little bugs still flying around. What's the life span on those little guys? I'm hoping it's just a matter of hours, if a day. They won't leave us alone.

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