Monday, May 12

Cold germs bedevil me

So, obviously, the sickness got the best of me this weekend, and I was forced to finally implore of Science, today on Facebook, that it get its shit together and realize the dream of a Cure for the Common Cold. Because I am so over this current run of icky. I'm eating my vitamins, taking my Airborne, and forcing the fluids. I am sleeping plenty, and resting, giving my aging and infirm body a chance to recuperate.
I did manage to have a decent Mother's Day yesterday, though. I felt like crap, and the family treated me well, even though I was probably more irritable than normal. I had lunch at one of my favorite places, and we had dessert somewhere to please Brian and Sydney. Other than that, I spent as much time outside in the cool breezy air as I could, which was a singularly excellent treat for Arizona in May.
It's that time of year, when television shows are cancelled as they end the current season. I already see that two of my shows will not be back in the fall, Revolution and Suburgatory. I've zapped them from my list to the left there already. I find myself mildly interested in seeing if I can enter into a new television season without replacing them. I've never not started a new show. How weird.
The blog post before this one, that I wrote last Thursday, was the 2,500th blog post to It's all about.... So amazing, when I realize the breadth of information, opinion and conjecture I have willingly put out there in cyberspace over the last several years.

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