Friday, January 31

Is January really over already?

SEE'S CANDIES ~ We have a candy problem in our house. There's too much of it, and we can't stop buying it. After lunch today, Brian and I stopped at See's. Actually, we ran into See's, and happily bought our one-pound box of scotchmallows, and a small bag of milk chocolate brittle. I had to test both candies to make sure that they were okay, and can declare that they are both safe for consumption. And delicious. In addition to the Valentine's Day candy in the house. We have a candy problem.
COYOTES ~ I heard coyotes having a yowling party in the mountains during my hike this morning. They were very vocal, and very excited about whatever they were excited about. That made me more aware of being in desert wilderness, certainly. I continued on, with only one of my ear buds in. Then, a couple minutes later, I saw one trot across my path about 30 feet ahead of me. It was ... startling, but not scary. I did very quickly call Brian and make him remind me that the coyotes would be more afraid of me than me of them. I was extremely ware of my surroundings for the remainder of my walk. Also, Sydney is pissed that she hasn't seen a coyote on a walk she was on.
LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE ~ People. Eat the firecracker chicken wraps from the appetizer menu. But without the prairie dust. I'm not kidding. They are so good. I had the Steakhouse mac and cheese with a green salad for lunch today, and it was delicious. Also delicious: realizing that it has been eight years since Brian and I sat alone in a Longhorn Steakhouse together. Summer of 2006, before we left Boston, and before we had the kiddo. A magical time.
LEGO MARVEL ~ This Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is so ridiculously full of glitches that we're about ready to toss it out the window. It freezes; it halts; it frustrates. How are we ever going to finish it if we can't free play the third mission? Come to find out -- on the Twitter -- that this particular game company, TT Games, is a very glitchy manufacturer, and that this happens quite a bit with their stuff. Not cool. We're stubborn, and the game is fun when it works, so we'll keep playing it, but we're getting super annoyed.
TWITTER ~ Some days, Twitter scares me. It terrifies me the level of vitriol and hatred, and meanness and bullying, on display in that space. How people can be so cruel to each other, and have such disdain for others, and be so willing to say things that, in a civilized society, just shouldn't be said to other people. The ability to be completely anonymous, as well as say things with no consequence, makes an environment ripe for horrible things, and people take advantage. I'm not the target of these sentiments, but I've read tweets sent to people I do follow, and it's sickening. Tonight, I'd love to quit Twitter, just because I'd rather be unaware of these levels of meanness. But then tomorrow I wouldn't get to read all about Wil Wheaton's dog's hijinks.

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