Thursday, February 23

It's Brian's birthday today!!

ITEM!: Today is Brian's birthday, where he joins me at the lofty age of 39. Ugh. No more "younger" man for me. So sad.
ITEM!: We tried an appetizer of fried alligator at dinner tonight. It was tasty. The breading had a bit of a kick to it though, and was delicious, so I don't know how much of the good taste can be attributed to the alligator itself. Alligator meat, just so you know, comes from the tail.
ITEM!: I bought Brian the book How to Archer, from the adult cartoon, (and one of my very favorite shows) Archer, for his birthday. I only was able to skim a few pages, but it looks terribly funny, and I can't wait for Brian to finish it so I can read it. Whenever he's reading it, he's giggling. Also, he's taken to reading it aloud for me in a poor imitation of Archer's voice. Yay humor!
ITEM!: Sprinkles' seasonal flavors for February include a salted caramel cupcake, and, my personal favorite, a chocolate chip, raspberry cupcake. It was an hour-long round trip for Brian's b-day cupcakes, but the chocolate and raspberry confection that I just finished a few minutes ago made it ALL worth it.
ITEM!: There was so much humidity in the air today that I didn't even bother trying to blow-dry my hair this morning. I pulled it back into a thing, then a big barrette, and also a braid. Tonight, it's the curliest craziness I've ever seen. It should only look better -- sarcasm -- tomorrow morning after I've slept on it.
ITEM!: It is requested that Sydney dress like a Texan for school tomorrow. The most "Texan" things we own, as of now, are jeans and a plaid shirt. Some braids in her hair? How stereotypical shall we go with this? We have no cowboy hat or cowboy boots. A sprig of hay in her mouth? Goodness gracious, I'm at a loss. Jeans and a plaid shirt will have to do.

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