Thursday, April 29

What if everyone drove a VW?

I always thought that Slug Bug was a game that you played whenever you saw a Volkswagen Beetle. What's up with the VW commercials that have people hitting each other when they see any VW car? I mean, don't get me wrong. I love that someone might get the opportunity to slug someone they know just because I happen to drive by them. But I wonder about the generalization of this very specific game. I am concerned that it's gone too mainstream.
And what do the people say when they see the cars? According to the commercial, one only needs to say what the color of the car is when they slug the person. "Red one." "Blue one." "Black one." Bam. Bop. Bam. I think they should have other little crazy rhymes for each model, as there is "slug bug."
"Getta Jetta."
"That's-a Passat-a."
"Futon Routan."
"Rolf Golf."

Never mind. This is kinda stupid. But I do wonder about those commercials, and why it's no longer a Beetle game.

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David M. Williams said...

It was a brilliant stroke on the ad agency's part to get people to realize that VW is more than the Beetle, or the Golf, or the Jetta. Volkswagen is expanding their product line in order to deepen their market penetration in U.S. What better way than to get people to think about VW by noticing them on the road.