Monday, February 15

Can't wait for the curling!!

We've been watching the Olympics ... A LOT ... so my blogging has been a bit spotty, I know. But You got to love all these sporting activities! I read somewhere how amazing it is that a person can get so invested in the outcome of a sports contest that they just learned about 10 minutes prior to the contest itself. I love that the most, actually. I mean, Brian and I are watching cross-country skiing right now, recorded from this afternoon, and are totally into it. (In fact, I get grief every time I pull out the computer to do my farming or to check e-mail or Facebook. "Really? Can't you just watch this with me?" he says.) I swear, it's so random how obsessive we get about all this for these 16 days. I was thinking about the 2008 Summer Games, and how much easier it was to watch, because Sydney was a lot younger and less likely to bitch about what was on television, but also because with everything in a way different time zone, it's harder to catch it all. Thereby, the evening coverage was enough for us. Not so, with Vancouver on the same side of the same continent.
Anyway, I'm gonna go. We got some sport to watch.

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