Sunday, February 28

Bye Vancouver! Thank you!!

Good things about the Winter Olympics being over:
I WILL ...
~ No longer need to avoid and until after I've watched the evening's Olympic coverage.
~ Not have weird guilt about watching perfectly fit athletes kicking their own butts in the name of their country while I sit on the sofa eating cookies.
~ Be in charge of my own remote again.
~ Be able to watch my normal television shows on the proper night ... in my Cozy Chair.
~ Evict all the winter sport information from my head, leaving room for more lyrics to random children's shows.
~ Have to come up with another excuse to stay up way past my bedtime.
~ Make myself forget how much I love to ski, because I can't bear ever doing it again without Howie.
~ Find those perfectly awesome red, maple-leaf gloves, because now they'll be available online. I hope.
~ Start looking forward to London, 2012.

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