Tuesday, September 2

Three thoughts to think

A couple of random things:
1. I'm on the hunt for a new cold Starbucks drink. I've decided that I'm not liking my iced, decaf, grande, nonfat, with whip mocha lately, and I'm having a really hard time coming up with a summertime replacement. The black iced tea is okay, but I don't love it. I'm not a huge fan of green tea, either. The iced coffee drinks? Initially, a great thought, but they don't brew their decaf cold, and I simply can't drink caffeinated coffee. So, someone, please help me! I'm taking all suggestions.
2. I've got five mosquito bites as souvenirs from the trip to Houston, and they are bugging (ha!) the hell out of me. The tally: two on my left arm; one on my right arm; one on my left hand; and the last is on my left baby toe. (Baby toe! Whatever!) Ack! I'm covered in calamine lotion, and they're still irritating.
3. I've finished the first of Stephenie Meyer's books, Twilight. I loved it, really. But now, I'm all nervous. I heard that the fourth book in the series disappointed a lot of her readers. I don't like the idea of getting all sucked into a fantastic series of novels only to go into it knowing that I might really, really, really not like the ending of it all. But still, because I sort of like to torture myself sometimes, I bought the second book in the series, New Moon, today. And I started it already. My downturn into potential heart-breaking disappointment begins anew.

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