Sunday, September 7

Storks in Warsaw ... no relation

Why do companies insist on dicking around with a perfectly good product in the name of progress? Who asked them to change anything? Who is that person, specifically? I want to kick their butt.
It's the little things that really bug me, and right now, the "new" Facebook is one of those little things. The homepage is all different; the font for "my" feeds is just too big; and I can't have all my boxes on the main page, which is really irritating me because I love, love, love having a picture of Oliver on the page, as well as the cool countdown. So I guess my bitch is with Facebook.
What is it, Facebook? You too good for the simpler, better looking format? You gotta mess with it? Bastards. Keep it real, and keep me happy. It makes the world a better place when I'm happy, you know.

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-T. said...

It must be the 1.6% of Microsoft ownership seeping through and screwing everything up. =)
PS - I'm still getting used to it too...but it does get easier.