Monday, September 22

Sadly, they don't come in red

Part 1: We've decided that we're just going to fix my car, and not worry about getting something new for a couple more years. In the end, it's like, why go through the hassle right now, when I can go through it this time two years from now when I've got a job and can feel fine picking what I want to drive? This way, no arguing, compromising or negotiating need be done, and I'll still have a red car in my parking spot. You know, until I'm driving the space shuttle, that is.
Part 2: Sydney has figured out how to climb out of her crib. And in response, her parents overreacted, and immediately took down the footboard for a toddler bed, then replaced it, and finally just turned the crib around so the high part is on the outside. I'm going to switch it back tomorrow, and hope that I can just un-learn her this particular practice, and get her to keep her butt in the crib until I get her.
Part 3: I caved to my television addiction and picked up a DVR cable box for my bedroom today. I had it all set up and ready to go, recording both Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dancing with the Stars tonight. However, and of course, I got all distracted and flustered dealing with my kid, her crib and her father that I accidentally canceled the recordings ... both of them. So here I sit, all ready to watch Terminator, and all I've got is the first 30 seconds of DWTS. What the frick? I've decided that I can live without tonight's DWTS, since there are still parts 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday. And hey, Terminator is available online, so I'll be watching that tomorrow during nap time ... but still after I've watched Gossip Girl, which I still recorded on the living room television.
Part 4: Daisy's an independent puppy these days, no longer being kept in her little sleeping pen. We've gone a few days without any accidents, and she's been good about going out when she needs to use the facilities. In fact, this morning when I got up, she was waiting in the doorway to the bedroom for me. I walked to the balcony with her, and she peed outside, just like good puppies do! Next week, carpet cleaners!!
Part 5: I'm tired, guys. I'm off to bed.

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