Friday, September 26

I'm terribly vexed

I wish I knew more about the economy, so I could have a better understanding of what's going on than what I've gleaned through Jon Stewart, snippets of talking heads on news channels, and some time watching the guy on Mad Money tonight. I hate being so ignorant of it, and the worst of all, not really getting why it's so bad, and how it can get worse. I'd love to say that I obviously didn't pay attention to my college economics professor, both times I took the course, but I really don't think all this was covered. All I remember is supply versus demand and all that. There was nothing about how mortgage companies and banks can just fold so quickly and quietly, with nary a whimper or ripple to let anyone know ahead of time. It's just wrong, but still, outside my realm of understanding. Never before has my dislike for numbers and their tricky ways built such a brick wall in front of my understanding of a situation. It irks me. And vexes me. And confuses me. And angers me.

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