Tuesday, September 23

Flip your god-damn eyelid

First, I digress: Did you hear that Clay Aiken is gay? Is this news? I'm irritated that it's anyone's business but his; that he has to declare it on the cover of People magazine; and that it took him so long to share it with the world, like we didn't know already. Jeez, some of you people. If you all quit acting like being gay is a big deal, it will stop being a big deal!

Today, I took Daisy to the vet ... again ... for another random health issue ... again. Apparently, the third eyelid can flip back, leaving a very pink blobby-looking thing in the corner of a puppy's eye. Left untreated, the eyelid flip can cause permanent damage. Treated, it costs $84, and may have to be fixed with surgery. Grr. At any rate, we visited the vet again, and all is well. So you know, an eyelid flip can happen because of some trauma, such as running into something, getting hit by a toy or something, or after some vigorous rubbing and scratching. Who knows how Daisy managed it, but it's all better now ... and I feel like I should be on first-name basis with the vet.
Also, I watched last night's Terminator online tonight. This is the first time I've done that, and it proved to be a good, if a teensy-bit frustrating, experience. I dig the 32-second commercials though. The video went wonky once or twice, but a little pause-and-play action had it back on track. I had to watch it on Brian's computer though, as my iBook, for some reason, doesn't like video to run smoothly at all. That's the only bad thing you'll hear me say about my Apple.

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