Wednesday, April 9

Yummy, yummy dinner

Can I just tell you, that I am loving, loving, loving these Bertolli frozen skillet dinners? They're quick and easy (allowing me to say that I "made" dinner), and oh so yummy! Really, they're really good! Of course, I had to test drive them first, and I always start my experiments with the flavors I'll probably love, and in this case, I started with the Italian sausage and rigatoni dinner. It was excellent. Second, we tried the chicken parmigiana and penne, then a roasted chicken and linguine. Also very excellent.
Anyway, tonight we tried a shrimp dinner: shrimp, asparagus and penne in a creamy tomato basil sauce. Seriously, it was awesome! How can I possibly beat having a quick and healthy dinner that's cheaper than us going out, easier than me actually preparing a meal, and is going down better than anything we've had in a while? And my goodness, friends, did I tell you that it's healthy? I'm beginning to credit the better fit of my jeans this morning to my eating a better dinner more regularly! I really recommend that you check these dinners out. They're in the frozen dinner section of the grocery store, and go for about $10 each. There are two complete servings in every bag, so it's enough for both me and Brian (however, he usually ends up snacking on something about an hour later). Really! Try them!

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ddy said...

Tried the Shrimp Scampi & Linguine.

It was good but the peppers in it kicked me in my be-hind