Tuesday, April 22

Two centuries, and a green planet returns

Happy Earth Day, my dears! May all your carbon footprints and global-warming contributions be banished!
Oh, wouldn't that be excellent? If we could just do one grand, amazing thing and completely obliterate our own personal affect we've had on the planet? I think I would love that. Did any of you see that documentary on the Discovery (or was it Science) Channel about what would happen to Earth should the humans just disappear one day? Really, all our stuff would be left behind, and all the cars left right where they are, but just the people up and disappear. The bad is that our dogs would starve to death in our houses and apartments. The good is that, in the short span of 200 years, our entire existence would be wiped clean from the planet and it would be healthy again. That includes nuclear fallout from power plants exploding, chemicals left in cars and in homes, and the destruction of our natural resources. Just 200 years! That's so amazing!
It really makes you think, doesn't it? How much better off would this planet be without us peeps walking around? Much better, apparently. Come to think of it, we don't do a damn positive thing for this home planet of ours. ... That's depressing. ... I need a hybrid car.


Anonymous said...

I didn't fart today so that should help.

Kimmie G said...

Dude. Who says this?