Wednesday, April 16

The long and short of it

I don't know what I expected from myself this morning when I sat down to tackle my homework assignment, part 2, but I certainly hadn't thought I would blow past the word count limit by more than double. Yep, that's me, the great editor who can write most anything to a number, when faced with her own creative mind, flies past a 750-word limit, and compiles a 1,527-word novella. Yikes! And since it's an assignment, that means that the whole thing needs to be cut ... by more than half! Argh! Well, I think I finally did it, with only 13 words to spare, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Though I'm quite certain that there is a lot of work to be done on it. I'll read through it again tomorrow morning, and maybe tomorrow night, but my plan is to have it in the mail by Friday. I've got to say, I'm more than intrigued to see where this takes me with my writing. I know that my creative stuff needs work, so far as direction and plotting, so I'll be interested in how my stories progress throughout the next several months.

Brian and I finally got to watch us some Deadliest Catch tonight. We DVR'd the first two episodes of the season last night (they could not be watched at their original air time, due to a prior commitment with DWTS). Do any of you watch this show? It's awesome, really, to see what these guys go through to get these crab. And in high definition, the show is even cooler.

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