Tuesday, April 22

It's actually brighter than in the picture

It's like the Dancing with the Stars gods are actually reading my blog every week. Is it weird, or have I called, in some way, each of the last several contestants to be kicked off the show? Finally, it seems as though the world is coming around to my way of thinking! Marlee, who looked better in that awful animal print dress than any woman ever should, is sent packing, though I do agree that her work was ridiculously impressive. I can't imagine how she did it, so I won't even try. I do applaud the DWTS producers and director for finally giving someone the opportunity to actually say something after they've been evicted. Every other week, the celebrity has only had about 30 seconds to say anything. I'd totally shave a minute off the "Macy's Stars of Dance," or lose some kind of guest spot to give the ousted celebrity a chance to thank their partner.
You know how I told Brian that the next time Oliver threw up on my bed, I would go out and buy new bedding and just throw away the ugly purple stuff that I don't like anymore? Well, today was that day, my friends. My fuzzy kid spewed on the folded comforter this morning, and I wasted no time in taking my non-fuzzy kid to Linens 'N Things to find something new. And huzzah! The store actually had a quilt and shams that, not only make me smile, but match my bathroom (Mom can be happy now), and brighten up the bedroom. What's that? A picture of the new bedding? Excellent! It's a fun little plaid, stripey, stitched, pink and green confection for the eyes, yes? You can say it; you love it, too.

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