Thursday, April 10

And television returns, thereby making me happy

ITEM!: Look what I made yesterday! It's a "Cool 'n' Easy Strawberry Pie." And it's okay to eat! I won't say I love it, though I did eat my whole piece. Things that went wrong: the mixture didn't cool and thicken enough to "mound;" the filling practically overfilled the crust so I ended up pouring it into the larger crust that I also bought by mistake; too much liquid in the jello forced the pie to not quite set up properly. But still, I'm quite proud of my first baking foray in a while!
ITEM!: Did you know that there is NEW television on tonight? Yes! Brian, Oliver and I get to watch brand-new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock and Scrubs! You know, this morning I was all pouting because I wouldn't have anything decent to watch tonight. But boy, was I wrong! Sometimes, I love being so wrong!
ITEM!: And hey, look at this! It's a never-before-seen picture of Elvis performing at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1972! How cool is he in his jumpsuited glory?! Rock on!

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