Monday, October 16

May the recording begin...

Well, my friends, I finally got off my butt about it, and now, everything is right in the world. Yes, I'm talking about reinstating a DVR box in my house. Granted, it was motivated by my desire to record Heroes and Studio 60 tonight while B and I are out of the house.
I called Cox to set up an appointment time to have someone come by with the new box, and was pleased to find out that I could go to one of the company's convenient digital stores and trade it in today. So that's what we did! We've already set it up for tonight's recordings, and are super excited to have the technology back in our little house. It's wrong to love television that much--some would say--but with little else to keep me occupied, it's all good.

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Pamela said...

Heros was actually worth it last night, too.