Tuesday, May 16

Weekend recap, to come

I can only imagine how excited you all are to hear about the graduation weekend ... as you should be. It was great and eventful, and you'll have to wait until this afternoon because I've got some work/software training this morning that will take me away from my desk until then. But, of course, until then, here's my favorite graduate, in his "doctor's robes" and kicky beret.
Catch you later!!

[Editor's comment: It's been noted, by me, that when the text to the right of a picture doesn't reach down farther on the page than the photo itself, the text doesn't show up on the page until a viewer scrolls down and then back up to the post. Is this the case for all of you, or is it just a special annoyance for me? At any rate, I suppose I'll have to finesse my word count higher on the posts that are accompanied by a photo (as I'm cleverly doing right now), so all the brilliant text can be witnessed by my adoring masses (or just my mom and dad) as soon as they open the page.]


ddy said...

Yes Babe, it happens to me.

I like Brian's beret too.

Anonymous said...

I have not noticed this strange occurance