Monday, May 8

Mission: rejected

And even though yesterday was Lisa's birthday, it seems as though I got a present, too.
Did you hear? Did you hear? Mission: Impossible: 3, while still taking the top spot in the weekend's box office race, performed to less-than-expected levels. It brought in only $48 million, compared to the anticipated take of close to $70 million. (Click here to read all about it.) I like to think that it was all by my urging, but having flipped through the hundred and some comments on Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog when it asked about T. Cruise's popularity, one can't help but realize that there are A LOT of people out there who dislike the actor/religious zealot/psychiatry hater for his freakish behavior. Of course, there are those who didn't go see the movie because they didn't like the first two, but let's just call them movie snobs, and leave it at that.
I can't tell you the last time I didn't go out for the first big summer movie of the year before now. It's kinda sad, but I will martyr myself for the good of cutting in to T.C.'s hold on the planet. How long until X-Men 3 comes out? Two weeks? Yay!!
Here's hoping that Tom will now fade away into the sunset, and I can stop having to read about him, thereby meaning that I can stop writing about him...

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mly said...

I didn't think anyone else would be as excited as I was with this news! Some people just need to disappear....perhaps David Blaine has a rental available.