Tuesday, May 30

The long and short of it

It was supposed to be a long weekend, but really, it felt all too much like a short one. I'm glad to have not had work yesterday, don't get me wrong, it's just that I would have loved another day or two off. I have no idea what I would have done with those days, but they would have been mine to screw away in any case. So, what did you do this weekend?
You'd be surprised at how little I got accomplished. Saturday: some laundry; cleaned the balcony; unwrapped the air conditioner; lunch with Brian; saw X-Men: The Last Stand (A valid third act, I think. It was time better spent than Da Vinci. Though the ending leaves it ripe for a fourth outing, everything I've read says that is not going to happen. Damn.); quick trip through Best Buy; installed air conditioner; plugged into television. Sunday: more laundry; futzing around my house; lunch with Brian; finished my book while B was out playing golf; fell asleep in front of television. Monday: more futzing around my house; caught up on our finances; lunch with Brian; some shopping at Lord & Taylor; resting in air conditioning; played on iTunes; leftovers for dinner; went to bed early.
Actually, in looking at it, I did more than I thought. Some of you may criticize my lack of outdoor time. I think I got plenty, as I did not itemize all the walks that Ollie and I went on. And, seeing all the people at my work today with bright red sunburns, I say that I was smarter than the average bear by not laying out for some color. (I did my part by slathering on some self-tanning lotion. I'm back in the habit of that, for sure.)

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