Tuesday, May 30

The Lake House

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that, for no real reason and just from the previews, I know I will love -- fall madly in love with, actually. That movie, for this summer, is The Lake House (opening June 16). The premise seems supremely cheesy: girl and boy exchange letters through their shared mailbox at a lake house they both own, two years separating them. How does this work? What awful, heart-rending process will I have to go through to see this resolved? Will their love triumph over time and sci-fi fantasy?
That the movie stars one of my favorite former crushes is certainly in its favor (Keanu Reeves), as is the bonus of the female lead being played by the adorable Sandra Bullock. I've already told Brian that he will have to suffer through this one with me, and though he seems relatively reconciled to that, I'm almost sure that I'll have to hoof it to this flick solo. It's all good though.

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Pamela said...

Now WHY isn't this movie out in time for date night?

Kim, have you read the book? Let me know if you are going solo, maybe I will trek out there and see it with you.