Monday, May 22

Hoff's the judge

It's been a while, dear readers, since I've posted anything on one of our favorite pop-culture icons, the former Baywatch god and German singing sensation, David Hasselhoff. Truth be told, that is mainly because I've read that he's going through a nasty divorce right now, with allegations of spousal abuse and the like being bantered around by his people, her people, and attorneys that are, no doubt, digging in to those Knight Rider royalties something fierce. Since I seem to be favoring The Hoff on the blog, I'd rather not write anything bad about him, unless it's proven -- so until then, this is a safe place for Hoff, where we discuss only random bits of news. (And post disturbing photos of him. What!?! Is he in a gang? But seriously, I was thisclose to uploading the beefcake shots.)
Thanks to Melissa, I have received new news on the state of The Hoff. Have you heard about Simon Cowell (of American Idol hysteria) and his new TV show, America's Got Talent? I'll admit to a vague recollection of a preview before switching stations one night this weekend. At any rate, Hasselhoff has been picked as one of the judges for the show. Along with "singer" Brandy and United Kingdom journalist Piers Morgan (cool name!), and the show's host, Regis Philbin, Hasselhoff will judge singers, dancers, comedians and the like for their talent (or lack thereof) on national television.
No word yet on whether winners receive a walk-on appearance in Hasselhoff's next video.

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