Tuesday, May 3

Three awesome tires, and one new awesome tire

This happened today. It's kinda weird how I saw the low tire pressure warning light at lunch, but I figured it was just some low pressure. The tires looked fine. This afternoon, when I left to pick up Sydney, I forgot about the light, but figured that it was just low pressure, and I'd get the tires looked at in the morning. But then the car felt weird as I was driving it to her school. And it sounded weird when I went around a corner.
When I arrived at school, I was surprised and shocked to discover that I could smell rubber as I exited the car, and the tire was super flat. Like, two inches from riding on the rims flat. I called my neighborhood Discount Tire right away, and they were cool and said, "Come on in!" So I picked up my kid and got back in the car.
Let me tell you; that drive from the school to Discount Tire was nerve-wracking. I could swear, with every turn, that I could feel the tire flatten more, and that at any moment, the tire itself would blow, and I'd be stranded on the side of the road with my baby in the backseat.
Happily, we made it to the tire shop just fine, though I still smelled rubber when I got out of the car. The guys at Discount Tire were super efficient, and got me in line right away. Bizarrely, it seems as though Brian and I had some kind of foresight when we bought the tires because we also bought the tire insurance. So, the new tire, which I had to get because I'd done so much damage to the tire by driving it so much while it was so flat, was no cost, and all I had to pay for today was the insurance on the new tire. Which wasn't much at all. ... Anyway, I'm proud of us for buying the insurance. We aren't usually so proactive. Or when we are, it usually doesn't work to our advantage.
So, it was a nail that got all bent and nasty in there. And now I have a new tire.

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