Wednesday, May 11

Shows I'm breaking up with soon:

Quantico ~ I think I was about three episodes into this show when Alex Parrish's self-righteousness and attitude began to really grate on my nerves. The fact that I've lasted this far into the season is a triumph of will. I liked Quantico at the beginning because, seemingly, the female characters were strong and smart, and because the plot seemed interesting. And then Alex got all nosy, and tattle-taling, and all about how her problems had to be solved but everyone else should just forget about theirs because she knew better. And Shelby and Miranda and the sisters started whining. And then Ryan's beard was all scary; and Grayson from Cougar Town was creepy. And I just can't wrap my head around these characters anymore. I decided a couple episodes ago that I would be done with Quantico as soon as the season finale's ending credits began. ... Looking forward to it, for sure.
Marvel Agents of SHIELD ~ It hurts me to say this. It really does. I'm such a Marvel junkie that deliberately walking away from a weekly fix is almost unfathomable. But there, I said it, "almost." At this point, there is so much randomness going on in this show that I'm losing interest. I can't point to any one plot device ... oh, you know what? Now that I say that, I kind of can. It was when they killed Ward. He was a totally awesome bad guy, and a hottie, and Coulson killed him. I was shipping Ward and Skye (she'll always be Skye to me ... another plot device that turned me against them, I guess), and with Ward dead, the ship has sailed. ... I'll stick with my movies from now on.
Sleepy Hollow ~ The show killed its main female character. There are so few really strong, smart and capable female characters on television, who are central to the show's premise. Fox managed to destroy one for ... well, an indeterminate reason. I mean, there are two witnesses. Why kill one? And why would you feel like you have to kill the female one? I will grant that the male character is more  fun and intriguing to watch, but really, the show did not have to kill Abbie. She was so cool. I'm disappointed in their lazy storytelling. Every show can kill someone. The challenge is in taking what you've got and keeping it fresh.
Blindspot ~ I'm not breaking up with Blindspot in its entirety, as of now. It's got the two episodes on my DVR and the season finale to convince me to keep watching. Currently, Brian and I are hate-watching the show, because it's ridiculous. And so many close-ups. It's an exhausting show to watch. Understand that I'm tired after watching the show. I'm too tired to get so tired. But actually, since I'm quitting three other shows, I may be able to handle this one better.

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