Wednesday, March 30

What did you do on this day on Facebook?

I'm obsessed with the "On This Day" feature of Facebook. It's the first thing I check every day, and I get super disappointed if I don't see it in my feed in the morning. The best part about it, of course, are the Sydney posts from years past. Some make me chuckle, others make me all melancholy for the baby she was. A couple times I felt sad, but those were mainly Daisy posts. She was a funny little dog, you know.
Mostly, and weirdly, the posts make me happy that I've lived my life on Facebook so much. Every day there are posts that engage, entertain and give me feels, and that's the best gift of all. I've always wanted to be able to access my former posts, and while I can't bring these up at will, or see them in a list or anything, they're certainly a treat.
I can't wait to see what I did on this day tomorrow.

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