Sunday, March 13

It's not Saturday, but I'm spooning him anyway

Oh, I was so sad and now I'm so happy! I brought Oliver upstairs for bed but he was all antsy and wanted to go back downstairs. So I was all sad that he didn't want to sleep with me, but then he went outside, and now I can hear him coming back up the stairs! Yay sleeping with Mommy!
And now he's drinking a whole lot of water. And now, I've put him on the bed and he's settled into a comfy position. I feel so much better now.
I miss my boys so much when we're gone to California. Everyone will sleep better with everyone under the same roof.
Also, I spilled a Coke on my lap this afternoon, and while I was able to change my jeans, my panties were not easy enough to switch in the car, so I did a majority of the drive in slightly damp, soda panties. Gross.

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