Tuesday, March 29

Super Cooper isn't feeling well at all

I'm blogging from my phone tonight because Cooper's not feeling well, and we're cuddling in bed while he sleeps. He's been throwing up all over the place for the last couple days, actually just a couple times a day, but he can't even keep water down now. We're off to the vet tomorrow. I can't have a sick Cooper. He's too awesome to be sick.
My prediction on the vet bill tomorrow: office visit, of course; IV fluids because he's dehydrated; extended office stay, since he'll have to chill out while getting his fluids; a blood test to see if they can pinpoint what's making him sick; and some kind of medication, I'm thinking a shot of some kind.
The last thing we need this week is a vet bill, but I won't have him sick anymore. I can't stress about it. He needs to feel better.

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