Tuesday, March 1

Color that grey right outta my hair ... later

This month's avatar is brought to you by GREY HAIR. You see, she's dressed all old-timey like back before there was decent hair color, and all women who were married with children had grey hair that they could do nothing about.
Which is kinda like me, right now, because I have more grey hair than I can handle in a sane way. And I could color it myself, but I won't do it now because I see Malia next week. Although I guess, in theory, I should experiment now, since it would only be a matter of days until Malia could fix what I would screw up. But then I'd have messed up hair for everyone I see prior to a week from Friday. So, no, I'll deal with the copious amounts of grey hair I've got going on. But it is horrifying me, no joke.
I think I've found somewhere to get my color more regularly, after my visit with Malia next week, of course, and I'm eager to start having color-color in my hair again because I'll have a local place to maintain it.
But for now, I'm avoiding close contact with mirrors because I have too much grey hair, like the ladies in olden times.

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