Tuesday, January 12

I can win it. I really, really can!

I think my mindset is infinitely more productive when there is not a huge, multi-million (now billion) dollar jackpot to be won. In my life right now, I’m spending way too much time figuring out what I (Brian and I) will do with the money. I read an article this morning that listed advice for the new billionaire from Mark Cuban, another billionaire. First, he said, hire a tax attorney. I’m happy to say that Brian and I have already agreed on this, so doing that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not going to run through all Cuban’s advice, as most of it was about treating people nicely, but also being sure to say No. If someone you love and know needs help, he said, you’ll already know about it and want to help, so anyone else is on their own. No one needs $1 million, or even $100,000. I love that thought process.
Remarkably, for me, I fantasize a lot about having everything I want, but not too much, or spending too much. I mean, I want a cool house, but it doesn’t need to be a mansion in Beverly Hills. A nice house in my home town, or close to it, would be fine. My kid will still have to go to school, so I won’t be able to flit about here and there with the family, unless it’s school break, when we will go on awesome, epic adventures across the globe. I’ll get a new car, for certain, but not some crazy Maserati or Porsche or anything, just a nice, super quick BMW. And we’ll probably get a Land Rover, because we like those, too. We’ll go shopping, of course, but that is just every day stuff. I’d like to start taking random classes about stuff, like cooking, or boxing, or photography, or stuff like that. I want to be a gym rat again.
There will be no stopping us when it comes to travel though, and that’s what I’m most excited about. I want to be able to say, “Hey, have you ever heard of this thing at this place?” And then say, “Cool! Let’s go!” I want to revisit all the places I’ve been already, but with Sydney. (Maybe not Thailand again.) We’d go on European vacations, and back to Australia, and to China and Japan, and the Scandinavian countries, and I really want to see Iceland. Regular jaunts to Hawaii because Hawaii. And fun cruises and trips to warm, sunny places, but also skiing in cold places. My passport would be chockablock full of stamps again.
Aside from the obscene amount of traveling I would do, honestly, I think I’d be a pretty tame multi-millionaire.

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