Tuesday, December 8

With practice, the violin can sound nice

Apparently, the only way I can enjoy a lovely concert of classical music is to attend one orchestrated by a group of elementary and middle school students. It wasn't terrible, but I think that was mainly because, as a group of musicians, they couldn't help but sound okay. Individually, that's a different story. But when they're all together, they rocked pretty well. I didn't recognize any of the music. I'm not sure if that's a reflection of their playing, or on me, to tell you the truth.
But as the concert rolled on the instrument playing got better, and by the end, after the choir performances, the 7th and 8th graders were pretty good. Good enough to make me hope that they might have inspired my kid to keep going with the violin and practice, if you can believe it. Time will tell if that actually happened, but I'm hoping. I think she was most impressed with their rendition of the Indiana Jones theme, which she dug.
After the concert, we went to Starbucks for drinks.

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