Sunday, December 13

I need my thumb to feel better, STAT

You know how sometimes you'll get weird little injuries that make no sense?
One of my once-a-winter issues has reappeared, and I'm not at all impressed. My hands get dry, as do everyone's, during the winter. I bulk up and use hand lotion like no one's business. But no matter what, once a winter, I get this bizarre little skin break that can be directly attributed to the dryness of my hands and fingers. It develops right at the corner where my thumb fingernail grows away from the nail bed, and cuts across to the corner of my thumb. It's not big, only about a millimeter or two, but it's a painful little punk. Every time I touch something, it splits open. Every time I move or grab at something, it splits.
It's a stupid injury, but there it is.
My solution, over the last few years, has been to slather it in Neosporin and wrap it in a bandage for a couple nights. I will do that this evening. Because even more than being stupid, the injury is annoying. And the weirdest thing is that it's here, and it'll go away, but then I won't get it again until next year. It's like a bizarre reminder of how dry my hands can get, and it's my body telling me to be more vigilant with my hand lotion. So, message received, irritating injury.

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