Wednesday, December 16

Cards are nice to get in the mail, you know

ITEM!: I got all ready to complain about the amount of Christmas cards I sent out compared to the number of cards that I received, but then I remembered that I was similarly irritated about that last year, and sure enough, I had blogged about it in December last year. Once again, I have a pile of cards to send out, and I fear that, once again, I will only get a handful back. You know the worst part? I can't conceivably cut my list to the 20 or less that I need to halve my card order. So here I am, ordering 40 cards AGAIN, and preparing to send them all out, even though I'll be disappointed in the returns AGAIN.
ITEM!: I can finally start my Christmas shopping tomorrow, and I'm super, super excited to dig in. This weekend will be amazing with the Christmas-ness that I'll get done. I have the highest hopes to get as close to being done as possible. I'm going to irritate my kid with all the stops we'll be making. A pretzel in the mall will settle her down, though.
ITEM!: I'm obsessing over the holiday because I feel drastically unprepared for it, and I sense my time slipping away like crazy. I've got so much to do and so little time for it.

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