Monday, November 9

WHAT?!?! A JOB?!?! Yep.

Alright, alright, alright. I've been super busy this past week, and super tired because of it, and the blog has suffered. Because of all my social obligations and whatnot, I haven't had a chance to tell you yet that I GOT A JOB, and that I WALKED MY NIECE DOWN THE AISLE.
The job I got (finally, right?) is at the company who thought I was over qualified last year for a lower-rung editorial position. They posted a job listing for an associate editor position a few weeks ago, and the editor reached out to me to apply. I did, and she called me in for an interview. They took exactly as long as my fragile self esteem could take in making me wait, but called me last Wednesday morning to offer me the job. I am beyond excited! But also, totally terrified. I haven't been in an office in nine years. That's no small amount of time. I mean, what if I'm not good at what I used to be good at? I know they'll be gentle for a while, but I hope that I'm able to keep up and learn new stuff. I start on Thursday. I've already signed Sydney up for all the appropriate before- and after-school programs, so I've got no worries there (which was a HUGE worry, of course). The family is excited for me, too, and that's the best part.
There was a wedding! One of the self-imposed, weirdest things about my relationship with Katy, is that when talking about her, I rarely, comfortably, refer to her as my niece. I tend to call her "Brian's niece" more times than not. But this past weekend changed all that forever. Katy and I have always been super close. We love to spend time together, and enjoy hanging out whenever we can. I am happy to say that I was on point this past weekend with her wedding, being a supportive aunt whenever she needed me. And it was my privilege to be that person for her. And then, when circumstances dictated a change in the wedding processional, she asked me to stand in and be one of two people to walk her down the aisle to her groom. It was among the greatest moments in my life, and I'm so happy to have been a part of it. It changed something in me though, she made me feel less of an uncle's-awesome-wife kind of aunt, and more of a much-loved-aunt-by-choice. So when I was asked today about the wedding, I said "my niece" with so much confidence and love that it warmed my heart.

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