Monday, November 23

Getting ready for a turkey weekend

I'm at a loss lately, you guys, in deciding what I should blog. I refuse to allow it to be all work all the time, because that's boring as hell. Except to tell you that I'm doing real editorial work now, and it's making me super happy.
As for Thanksgiving, it will be a last-minute but awesome deal this year, since our plans were changed on us just a day or two ago. We have, as a group, decided that steaks will be much yummier than turkey, which is totally us. Mom and I will enjoy some of our delicious green jello, and I'll make some mac and cheese, and slice some apples, for the kiddo. Also, stuffing, because I need stuffing for Thanksgiving. Brian's going to make fruit salad in the manner of his mom's recipe. And for the finale of dinner: garlic bread. We haven't even discussed dessert yet, but I foresee a quick trip to Family Inn for a couple pies. Also, beer and 50/50 drinks. All good things. And it should be an excellent Thanksgiving.
As for the rest of the weekend, I'm thinking adventure, movie, delicious lunches here and there. And hanging out with my mom. It started out kinda messed up, but I think we'll turn it into something pretty cool.

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