Tuesday, September 29

It looks weird in photographs, doesn't it?

I have discovered the ridiculous beauty of having a container of sour cream in my refrigerator at all times for any reason. Typically, my life has been a very purpose-centric existence when it comes to sour cream. Need it for dip? Buy the correct size and container. Need some for dollops on tacos? Get a little thing of it.
But then I had lunch at my sister in-law's house a couple months ago. She had the most glorious thing in her fridge. It was one of those quart-size sour cream buckets "for whatever I want it with." I thought, what? That's almost forbidden and decadent. Are you kidding? Sour cream for any reason?
A couple weeks ago, sour cream was on sale in my grocery store, and I was pleased as punch to pick up two pints for the price of one. (They were not about to expire, either!) And I've been adding sour cream to a whole lot of goodness over the ensuing weeks.
Potato chips are even better dipped in straight sour cream. I dipped my chicken nuggets in sour cream for dinner tonight. I've used it for my tamales (a logical choice, to be sure). I was pleased to dip some pretzel crisps in it, too. ... The chicken nuggets were an inspired choice, I should tell you. I'm really proud of myself with how well that experiment turned out.
I will never live without sour cream in my refrigerator again.

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