Sunday, August 30

You guys, she still loves dinosaurs

You know how your kid can be totally into something, and then after a long time, their enthusiasm can seem to wane a bit, and you get all nervous? Like how you may have a bedroom full up of dinosaurs, but then your kid gets into Minecraft and doesn't ever want to play with their dinosaurs anymore? And then you wonder if you'll have to start filtering all those dinosaurs out? But then, you have a day when their love of the first thing becomes a priority again.
I've been getting concerned over Sydney's apparent lack of interest in dinosaurs. She's all Minecraft, all the time lately. My fault, I know. But I've been implementing new ways of doing things, and Minecraft has been put on restriction, of sorts.
Anyway, the other night, after Technology Turn-off Time, Sydney closed herself into her room for an hour or so. When I checked on her, I was delighted ... DELIGHTED ... to see that she'd spread out her dinosaurs all over her floor, and was constructing environments for them. She had been sorting through them, and though she'd decided she didn't want her Dinosaur Train figures anymore, she was still into the "real" dinosaur figures. Some of those dinosaur toys have remained on her bedroom floor for the last few days, ready to be played with when needed.
Yesterday, at Target, she found two Jurassic World dinosaur toys that she really, really wants for her birthday. She was sure to give me the super sales pitch, so they're definitely on the list of potential (and probable) birthday presents.
And then today, while we wandered through Michaels, we came across a Jurassic World poster with all the movie's dinosaurs on it. She went crazy for it, and in discussing where the poster would go, she was quick to dismiss the lavender kitten poster on her closet door as not as cool as the dinosaur one, and that it could certainly be moved. I won't lie, this made me happy.
I get so much enjoyment out of her love of dinosaurs, which is why I've encouraged her adoration of them all her life. I love that everything revolved around dinosaurs, so when the dinos are no longer the top priority, it makes me a little nervous. (Of course, if dinosaurs do get relegated to "when she was a kiddo," I'll deal with it, but it'll still make me sad.) But over the last couple days, she's reaffirmed her obsession with them, and I'm a happy mom because of it.

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